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We’re very fortunate in Australia to have an abundance of world renown quality meat so readily available. Enhancing this premium grade meat is the expertise that has flowed into our country with the arrival of European craftsmen.

At BB Products, we’re proud to be a completely Australian owned company that has established a reputation for producing authentic European high quality meat products for over 30 years.

This specialised product knowledge to manufacture dry-cured and air-dried meat products has its heritage in a family enterprise which has been operating in Europe for over half a century.

Our commitment to this history and uncompromising standard has earned our company the honour of being the first in Australia to be awarded an Approved Quality Assurance Arrangement with the AQIS. The distinction of this rating is only possible after consistent and absolute adherence to the most stringent regulations.

BB Products is also classed as an export manufacturing company as specified and registered by the DAWR. As important as these credentials are, our success stems from combining traditional recipes and techniques with the most advanced food technology possible. Our ingredients are all carefully nurtured with a natural affinity and zeal that we believe is evident in the final product. Our country provides us with its rich bounty of the finest fresh meat. We use this to provide you with an unchallenged standard of product. A standard that is reflected in the taste of each and every slice.


We are working on a system that will allow our customers to order direct from our website, wether it be for your home or your business. Sign up to our email list below and we will be sure to let you know when our shop is live.



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Note: we don't sell our goods from our factory. If you want to buy our goods in person, Head to Black Forest Smokehouse in Marrickville.